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You can't afford to spend more than a hundred in a strip bar. Not even tomorrow," Rohit added. What the fuck? Hundred and four bucks, but I want that fucking green back the second we leave the strip club, cunts. He really wanted to impress Anushka tonight. Or whatever her real name was. Still it did offer fully nude dances and you could bring in your own booze.

Sometimes the guy could be such a dick, but his vocabulary for slang terms when it came to the female anatomy was inexhaustible. The club looked a lot better inside than it did outside, and there must have been a hundred guys in the room, with a bit of a relaxed policy of under twenty-one getting applied by the security staff. There was even a table of women across the room, getting cheers as one of them slipped a note into the g-string of a dancer. True to the advertising, a dancer was on another stage, gyrating around a pole, dressed only in black stockings and heels.

They sat down around a small table with four armchairs and within thirty seconds Vishal was waving a twenty at a tall, skinny redheaded dancer with underwear the same colour as her hair. She stood amidst a table of four guys, baiting them on to buy a dance. Business student, she told me. I'm going for a look. He watched Anushka for a minute or two, feeling pretty disappointed that she'd lied to him today.

He genuinely thought they were getting on good, that there was a mutual attraction there, and he felt optimistic about his chances tonight. Not now though. He turned to see the dancer from the stage when they'd first come in, now with a tight black dress on to supplement her stockings and heels. The dancer laughed. The girl over there is Bipasha. You looking for a dance with me? I deliver. Is her real name Anushka? Bipasha wasn't at no waterpark today.

The girl can't even swim. It's only four foot deep. And her name ain't Anushka neither. She shifted her hips slightly on his lap, getting his attention. He really wanted to get a dance with Bipasha to find out if it was Anushka or not, but Priya had been very helpful, her scent was intoxicating and her butt felt very nice as it wriggled on his lap.

She stood up and took his hand, then cocked an eyebrow at him. It was as if her heart wasn't in it, and neither were her acting skills. He gave her twenty bucks anyway for going through the motions, thanked her and then returned to Rohit, joined a moment later by Vishal. They're not here. I even asked if there was girls on their break through the back, but the bartender said they were all working because it was so busy. Arpit and Rohit ignored him.

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She's only a stripper and I know how to talk to strippers. What about the four guys she's talking with though? Much as Arpit didn't like to agree with Vishal on much, what he said was true. Rohit would avoid any kind of potential physical confrontation and if one happened he was off like a scalded cat. He had no problem talking with women, but if there was other guys nearby showing an interest he'd avoid them like the plague rather than risk starting something.

Besides, there's no big rush. We don't have to be at the club for another hour. They sat there for another half an hour while Bipasha took three of the guys individually in for dances, with Arpit biding his time. Vishal disappeared for another two lapdances and Rohit went for one. Another dancer approached Arpit but he declined the offer and after that the dancers seemed to leave him alone. By the time Bipasha returned after the third dance and the fourth guy at the table declined a dance with her, Arpit was about ready to hop out his chair and go over but she turned and looked right at him and then strutted over.

It was so bizarre, he thought to himself as he saw absolutely no flicker of recognition on her face. It was her voice. It was different. A completely different tone. Different accent. More husky and a little more Southern than Anushka's Northen twang. He couldn't get over how much she looked like Anushka. I thought you were her. I was too busy working on my all over tan," she said, making every word sound seductive.

He'd spent most of his time in the club watching her, and if it wasn't Anushka then he wanted her to dance for him. If it was Anushka, then even better. He handed her the twenty bucks he had held in his hand for the last half hour. Her hand dragged him into a small booth to the right of the archway and he thumped into the seat. A single light shone down in the booth from above and music pumped from speakers high on the walls throughout the room.

She sat upright, her thighs either side of his and took a hold of his wrists, then paused a second, giving him a curious look. She took his wrists and placed them either side of him on the chiar. You're not gonna need them. Then, in time with the pulsing music, she began to pump her hips on his, as if she was riding him. Arpit took a deep breath as his body immediately responded to this sultry woman gyrating on him, grinding her crotch on his through her thin black panties with the silver lace. Bipasha bumped him extra hard, then four beats later the same again, then once more.

Her hips resumed their quick movement, rocking on him in time with the music. With his hands at his sides he could feel it getting thicker and longer, growing down the right leg of his trousers. Without adjustment it was going to get painful. Bipasha flicked herself back upright on his lap, a graceful and erotic movement that placed her chest right in front of his face. Arpit licked his lips, acutely aware of her breathing and the rise and fall of her breasts. He felt Bipasha's hand slip around behind his neck and she began to slowly ride him, as if on a bucking bronco in slow motion, grinding her hips on him, her flat taught stomach rolling with each movement.

Her hands came up to her chest, barely a foot from his face and her finger glided slowly over her bra, tender fingertips caressing the material until they met in the middle.

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A smooth graceful motion had the front clip undone and then she rolled her head back and thrust her chest forward as her bra slid off her shoulders. The luxurious full shape of her breasts moved within inches of Arpit's face and as his mouth dropped open of it's own volition, suddenly she swung away again, her left hand landing on his forehead.

Arpit felt his head being held firmly agianst the seat as Bipasha rose onto her knees, her breasts hovering deliciously over his open mouth. He watched in agonisingly close detail as her free hand caressed her nipple for a moment, her face invisible in the silhouette of the overhead light, and then she brought it towards his mouth. Arpit's tongue flickered out, so close, aching to taste her tight little pink nub, longing to suck it into his mouth and pleasure her. Her body swayed, bringing her nipple closer then swinging away out of reach by a few inches, then back again once more.

Arpit's tongue darted out at each swaying movement, but her hand held his head firmly in place, his tongue as little as an inch out of reach of it's target. He groaned, an involuntary sound that brought her nipple closer. His tongue stretched out, as far as he could make it reach and he strained as she inched her breast in, closer and closer until he was sure he would be able to lick her nipple.

He positively ached for it, and it was all he could do to keep his hands at his sides and not drag her into his mouth. She released his head from the seat, but before Arpit could smother her nipple in his mouth she stood up, swaying her hips from side to side above him, slowly shuffling backwards for a moment, before she suddenly dropped to a crouch. Withthe lightest of touches, her hands spread his knees apart, and her head dartedbetween his legs, down low, almost under his balls, and he felt her nosetouching the material of his trousers.

Bipasha'stongue darted out a moment later, right at the bottom of his button-fly,pressing through the denim on the base of his shaft, then slowly probing alongthe length of his cock, it's bulge easily visible. It continued, sometimesabove, sometimes below, but always in contact until her tongue met the tip ofhis trapped erection. Hereyes rose to meet his. Her hands slid down the inside of histhighs, her right caressing the underside of his balls, the left positioningitself under his cock, and as Arpit gasped, she maneuvred his erection until itwas upright in his trousers.

Bipasha'stongue dragged itself up his button fly, bulging from the contained erection,from bottom to the tip and for a couple of seconds her head bobbed up and down,as if she was sucking him off. Arpit felt a desperate need to wrap his fingersin her hair and hold her in place, but before he could lose control and grabher she had moved again. Thistime she half stood and turned around, her back now to him, her luscious,gorgeous buttocks in front of him. Again he licked his lips as they slowlylowered onto his waist, nudging a little from side to side until he could feelhis erection nestled between the cheeks of her ass.

Thiswas already a completely different class of lapdance from the one he'dexperienced with Priya a short time ago. Bipashaslowly dragged her ass down the length of his cock, and as Arpit's head pressedback against the chair in blissful agony, she slowly rode back up him. Herhands rose to either side of her head, lacing themselves in her hair as herbuttocks began to slowly ride his cock, pulling his foreskin up and down withevery motion. Arpitwas in heaven. If it was possible to fuck someone without penetrating them,then this was it, and Bipasha was really going to town on him.

As her assdragged up and down either side of his cock, she leaned back slowly until herhead lay on his right shoulder. He could feel her breath on his neck as helooked at her breasts, her nipples tight and hard and agonisingly close, yetstill out of reach. Heshivered as her tongue darted out, caressing the skin of his neck, slowlytracing an invisible pattern higher and higher until his ear was sucked intoher mouth. Arpit's eyes closed, the sensations all over his body becoming moreintense by the second as Bipasha manipulated his senses.

Hiseyes snapped back open as she released his ear from her mouth and he watched asher fingertips took a light grip on her nipple, twisting it slightly, pullingit a little, making it stiffer and harder as her buttocks pressed down on hiscock. Bipashaslowly sat upright, her ass lifting off his cock as she stood and bent over,yet her hand darted down, caressing his erection as if reassuring it.

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Arpitcould see right between her legs and the outline of her pussy through the blackpanties. His heart raced in hope that she was about to take them off. Herknees bent again, bouncing her ass off his cock a couple of times as if she wasriding him, but her legs straightened again a moment later and one of her handsmoved between her legs, a finger tracing the the lips of her pussy andcontinuing between the cheeks of her ass.

Arpitlicked his lips again as the finger continued up past her ass, stopping at thewaistband of her panties and hooking inside. They peeled slowly from her skin, Bipasha bentover right in front of him, presenting him with the best possible view, closeup. Arpittook a deep breath, his heart racing as his eyes focussed on her imminentlyvisible asshole yet Bipasha twisted her body a half-turn to the right, teasinghim further. He could see the wicked grin on her face as she watched hisreaction, swaying her ass from side to side as she slid her underwear down overher buttocks, then slowly down her thighs, dropping them to the floor.

Arpitwanted her desperately to resume her previous position, yet she continuedswaying her hips before him, side on so he couldn't get a glimpse of what helonged to see. His cock was aching for attention and he shifted his hips alittle to try and ease the pressure. Bipashapaused, stopped the swaying of her hips and placed a hand back on his forehead. The view of her body in profile just intensified Arpit's lust and he was surehe could hear his heart thumping above the beats of the pulsing music in thesmall room.

Hegasped as Bipasha moved quickly, a graceful fluid motion that suddenly had herfeet either side of his hips with her hips above his head, her gorgeous pussyright in front of his face. Arpit swallowed, an unconscious reaciton to thesight before him. Ashe watched, Bipasha held his head in place, barely a foot away from her nakedpelvis and she slid her free hand slowly down over her stomach, over her hipand then onto her shaven mound.

Her fingernails traced in circles on thesensitive skin and Arpit was sure there were goosebumps there, so delicate washer touch. Herfingers slid lower, caressing the lips of her pussy, sliding back and forthalong either side and Arpit mouth opened wide as she slid her index fingerinside her, a quick dip that accepted her whole finger with no hesitation.

Herfinger slowly began to slide back out yet darted back in as deep as it wouldgo. Bipasha arched her back as she fingered herself, and Arpit licked his lips,feeling as if his cock got any harder it would burst. Ashe watched she slid her finger free from the depths of her pussy, and as shebrought it towards Arpit's mouth he opened wide, pressing forward to meet it,wanting nothing more in that instant than to suck her finger clean and tasteher wetness.

Bipasha'shand pressed firmly on his forehead keeping him in place and his eyes flickeredup to hers, seeing the delightful smirk of a born tease on her beautifulfeatures. Before he could make another move her wet finger swiped right underhis nose, drawing from left to right, leaving a moist trail of her scentbetween his lip and nose. His tongue darted out and wiped his upper lip,catching a slight hint of pussy on the tip of his tongue, but not enough tosatisfy him.

Bipasha'shands moved to either side of his head and her pelvis began to sway towardshim. He felt his head get yanked back a little and he opened his mouth andstuck his tongue up, desperately hoping to taste her, to pleasure her and tofeel her writhing on him. He knew he was breathing fast, was aroused beyondbelief, and he wanted this girl, even if it wasn't Anushka. She was too toned,too firm to be the girl he'd chatted with that day. Bipasha was like theevil-twin version of Anushka.

Well, her erotic alter-ego. Histongue probed as her pussy got closer, longing to make contact with thatbeautiful moist haven, yet she remained just out of reach. Her hips rocked backand forth in front of him, and he could smell her, sense that she was arousedtoo. She was too close for him to see but it was all instinct. Eachtime he tried to lift his head and plunge into her with his tongue she eitherpressed his head back into the seat or her hips swayed just out of reach.

Shewas an incredible tease and she was playing him like an expert. He was overcomewith desire, longing to taste her, touch her, or possess her, trapped by theknowledge that if he pushed his luck and used his hands or used his strength totaste her his feet wouldn't touch the floor until he was on his face out on thestreet. Hiseyes flickered up to hers, and she paused, frozen with that same curious,quizzical look on her face she had before the dance started.

She was looking athim as if something wasn't quite right. Asshe stood there above him, her pussy barely inches from his mouth, he took achance and pushed his tongue forward, then pulled the back of his head from theseat. Arpitwas in heaven the instant that the tip of his tongue slid between her lips,immediately tasting her scent, her arousal. He flicked his tongue up, seekingand finding that delicious little bud that maximised the pleasure and hedragged his tongue firmly up it, flciking upwards with the very tip of histongue. Ithad been only a second, probably not even that, yet he saw the expression ofpleasure cross her face at the same time as her back arched and her pussylifted back out of reach.

The hands on his head pressed him back, yet Arpit wasexultant. He'd tasted her, she was wet, and it was all he could think of. Bipashabegan to sway to the pulsing music, now further away from him, but as his eyesslid slowly up her body Arpit thought she had never looked hotter. His eyes methers and he could see the intensity of her eyes, staring at him as if trying todecide something only she knew. He hoped she would decide to give him anothertaste.

Arpitwatched as she bent at the knees, her feet still either side of his hips andher hands slid to behind his neck as she slowly squatted down onto his hips,bringing her to a similar position to when she had first started the dance forhim, although now she was naked, he was hard and he knew she was wet. Hefelt her pussy resting on his erection, only the denim of his trousersseparating them and then she lifted free of him, her hips rising and falling amoment later further down his cock. A slow, body-arching movement dragged herpussy up the length of his erection and Arpit growled in intensity of thepleasure and desire coursing through him.

Sherepeated the movement again, then a third time, and then as he was thrusting upto meet her she paused, leaving him there humping his jeans. She smiled, andArpit smiled too, knowing he was being manipulated by a master and not caring. He was loving every second of it. Bipashaslid back and lowered her feet to the floor. Her body swayed, twisted anddanced for him between his thighs, shadows and light flickering over her skinwith each movement. As she rotated slowly Arpit glanced down at her ass, firmand taught yet shapely enough for him to want to bury his face in it.

Shebacked into him, the back of her knees hitting the inside of his thighs andthen she slowly lowered herself down, resuming the position she'd held earlier,her buttocks enveloping his erection through his trousers and she began to rockher hips. Bipashaleaned back, this time to his left. Her head came down on his shoulder as herbuttocks continued to rock up and down his pelvis, jerking him off, making himgasp.

She sucked his ear in her mouth again, intensifying things further forArpit, further than he could handle. Arpitnodded, his eyes closed. He longed to lift his hands and grab her hips, herbreasts, anything to keep her in place. The constant motion on his cock wasgoing to make him cum, he knew, but he didn't care he was still dressed, didn'thave any thoughts beyond the pleasure of that moment.

He could feel hisbreathing deepen. His balls begin to tighten and he knew it wouldn't be long. He felt her suck in his earlobe once more, releasing it quickly. Her hips took a longer and slower ride down his cock. His breath was coming in sharp gaspsnow, hard and fast as Bipasha lay on top of him, working his cock with herbuttocks, working his mind with her words. Hefelt her hands fasten on his wrists, lifting them both. She pulled them up tomeet her rocking hips and he gripped a hold of them, holding them in place topush his cock against, but Bipasha continued to arch her back, riding hislength up and down, manipulating his cock.

He could feel it start to happen andhis entire body tensed up. BeforeArpit could reply Bipasha's buttocks tensed up, gripping him and her hipsrocked fast, much faster than before, riding him hard and firm through histrousers. It sent him right over the edge. Hisbreathing changed, deep fast pants of breath mixed with groans, right in herear.

His cock pumped out spurt after spurt of cum onto the inside of hisboxers. His body exploded in waves of pleasure, hard surges of bliss as thedancer on his lap manipulated him into and through his orgasm. Momentslater Arpit's hands fell away from her hips, exhausted and sated as the last ofhis orgasm washed over him. Bipasha lay still across his body now, relaxed andmotionless. Her tongue darted out and traced a circle on his neck. Henodded, not really capable of words or coherent sentences.

He could hear the the wickedness in her voice with a hint ofself-satisfaction for a job well done. Arpitfelt her shift her weight as if she was about to get up, and his hands claspedher hips. She wiggled her hipsfrom side to side.. This time as she shiftedher weight to sit up he let her go, feeling her sitting upright on his lap, herback to him. Arpitbecame aware of how the inside of his trousers were plastered with cum, and itwas rapidly cooling now. She was right, he knew. He'd need to go clean up, andwith a sigh of regret he accepted that the dance was finished.

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Hefelt her hand grip his a little tighter as he brushed his lips a little furtheralong the line of her jaw until his breath was on the soft, sensitive skinbelow her ear. Also, those have brought the understanding amongst outsiders towards the local culture into a higher and deeper level through their eyes, bodies, and minds. The owner is a terrific woman of great humor and has crafted a whimsical but beautiful garden artfully blending beautiful plants and flowers with erotic statuary. On the return we will stop at the Pattaya Snake education center named after the Queen. I knew nothing about raising kids, and I was so overwhelmed with grief that theonly thing I could think of was to throw myself into my work.

Shewiggled her hips on him, giving him a physical response rather than a verbalone he probably wouldn't have heard anyway. He took it as a sign she waspleased with his compliment and while she slipped her panties around herankles, he pulled another twenty from his pocket. Bipashastood, bent over at the waist and slid her panties back up her legs. It was thefirst glimpes Arpit got of her ass and of her pussy from the rear and it madehim lick his lips. She straightened as she slipped her black panties with thesilver lace back up, adjusting them on her hips and then she half-turned andsat on his right thigh.

If I could give you a hundred bucks I would, and you'd stil deserve atip. Hesmiled, took her hand and stood up, feeling a little wobbly for a moment,making her chuckle. He didn't say anything further, but lether lead him from the booth and back through the beaded curtains to the mainroom. Shestopped and gave him a peck on the cheek, and with a whispered, "Thanksfor the dance," she was off.

Arpit looked over at his friends, watching adancer up on the main stage doing naked acrobatics with her thighs claspedaround a steel pole, and smiling, he headed for the bathroom. Arpit,Vishal and Rohit arrived at Thailand Club but had to wait in the queue. Thetime passed quickly with Rohit repeatedly reminding Vishal not to be a totaldick and Vishal repeatedly quizzing Arpit about the lapdance.

Since he cleanedhimself up in the bathroom at the club, Arpit hadn't said a word about it tohis buddies. He'd also ditched his boxers in the restroom waste-paper bin andended up going commando. There was no way he was going to tell Vishal thatstory. Ata little after twelve they were admitted to Thailand Club, a large placefocussed around dancing and drinking, with DJ's playing a mixture of mainstreamdance and latin house music, and Arpit immediately picked up on the coolchilled vibe of the place.

Vishal and Rohit hit the bar while Arpit wentlooking for the girls. The guys had caught up with him again by the time hespotted them, so the three of them walked over to join them. We thoughtyou weren't gonna show. Realising he hadn't answered her, hesmiled. Here now though. He really dug the short black skirt and boots and the black and white cut-offtop she wore really showed her off. Once they were on the dance floor, Arpitlet himself go. He'd always enjoyed dancing, especially in clubs and when a lotof his friends went through that phase where they thought that dancing was'gay', Arpit was able to dance with most of the hot chicks in his school.

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Nowhe was twenty he felt comfortable on the dance floor. Whilethey enjoyed the music, Arpit noticed the odd guy checking out Anushka fromtime to time. She really did look hot, he noted, and he liked how she keptlooking at him. Despite his earlier orgasm at the strip club he could feel atingle of excitement in the pit of his stomach.

Afterfifteen minutes or so out on the floor, where they were briefly joined by Rohitand Sonam, they stopped for a drink. Arpit grabbed them a couple of stoolslooking down on the dancefloor and they sat down. This and that," she grinned. When he got back Vishal was telling them all about the strip club they were atearlier. Arpitgroaned, as he hand't intended telling any of the girls about 3P's Club but heshould have known that Vishal was incapable of any kind of tact or diplomacy.

He popped the drinks down on the table and picked up his and Anushka's, handingher it. He could see she wanted to ask a question of him. I know it wasn't now, but I had to speak to her to find out. I didn't knowif you were serious about meeting us here tonight and were actually a stripper,or if there was someone who looked like you and you were still gonna behere.

I mean, yes but Anushkawinked at him and sipped at her cocktail. Vishal said you wouldn't speak about it. A girl has a reputation to uphold after all and qualitymatters. He did noticed that the more Vishal talked themore Kajol and Ashin frowned at him. Meanwhile he could see Rohit and Sonamgetting cosy, with hands slipping around waists, gentle touches and nudgesaplenty.

I'm glad they're getting on. He liked to take people bysurprise from time to time. Hercheeks flushed a little as she looked at him. Definitely potential there. You're cute and sexy and lots of fun," Arpit said,making it up as he went. He was pleased tosee Anushka doing the same, their shoulders now touching as they sipped attheir drinks.

It's our last night here, so I want to party some more. We've got a villa. On animpulse he leaned forward to kiss her, but she jerked her head back and broughta finger up to his lips. Her lipswere soft yet assertive and they kissed for a few seconds. Theyhit the dancefloor after that, pausing occasionally for drinks, but alwaysheading back to dance. As the evening wore on they touched more and more,starting with light brushes and progressing to some pretty firm grinding andcaresses. While drinking Arpit and Anushka were either touching each othershands, or Anushka was leaning into Arpit's chest, at one point sitting on his knee.

It was two hours of solid foreplay before the club closed. Theseven of them left the club, with Rohit and Sonam firmly paired off like Arpitand Anushka, while Vishal tried unsuccessfully to get anywhere with eitherKajol or Ashin, but the most he got was when he tried one of his chat-up linesand they couldn't stop laughing for several minutes. Rohit suggested that hehop in a cab, but Vishal wouldn't have it, and if his buddies were going to aparty, he was too.

Thewalk to the villa Anushka was staying at took about twenty minutes and by thetime they got there, they were all feeling pretty buzzed with the alcohol. Whenthey opened the front door Arpit was really impressed.

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It had several bedrooms,a large lounge area and a swimming pool and jacuzzi out the back. Arpitjust shook his head as Vishal made straight for the pool, bombing themirror-flat surface from as great a height as he could manage, fully clothed. Arpit's heartbeat accelerated as he entered Anushka's bedroom. Typical of anineteen year old girl there was clothes, shoes, magazines and makeupeverywhere. Anushka rummaged around on the floor, gathering upvarious different coloured bits of swimsuits and while she did that, Arpitlooked around, spotting a rather fancy camera on one of the units. That's just a D The lens is a bit more though.

Twenty-eight to seventy, F two point eight. It's more a Actors headshots, Corporate portraits, stuff likethat. It finances my hobby. Study business. It's really boring though, so Imight drop out and do the photography thing full-time. Lot of time spent in frontof a computer editing. You have to really love it. Fortunately for me. This casually artistic andpassionate person that had been inadvertantly hidden from him under the personaof a nineteen year old clubbing student on a Summar Vacation weekend.

He had no idea about styles, or cuts, but he thought the blackone and said so. Her lips found his for afew intense seconds, until they broke. Hemoved to the door. I think she packed a pair of her brothers shorts by accident. Ashinturned out to have a pair of shorts he could use, although they weren't forswimming but they'd do, so he popped into the bathroom to get changed. In theten minutes that he spent waiting for Anushka, the three girls had all gottenchanged and were in the water, while Rohit had simply stripped to his briefsand plunged into the pool after them.

EventuallyAnushka reappeared though, and Arpit walked over to the pool with her, likingthe sight of her in the black bikini. A momentary memory popped into his headof Bipasha, the stripper, with her black underwear and the similarities wereabundant between the two, yet the slight differences were more pronounced atthe same time. Arpitnearly blurted out, "Are you sure you don't have a sister," but herealised that reminding her he was thinking about a stripper and not herprobably wouldn't go down too well. He opted for diving in the pool.

Foran hour or so they mucked around in the pool, sending Vishal to make themdrinks out of whatever liquor was left in the villa. Surprisingly Vishal wasthe first to pass out, on one of the sunloungers that surrounded the pool. Atthat point Rohit and Sonam were definitely doing their own thing together inthe jacuzzi, and Kajol and Ashin had gone inside to get some items to giveVishal a 'makeover'. Henodded, immediately getting out the pool and helping Anushka out. She didn'tlet go of his hand, but pulled him after her into the house.

Arpitfollowed her into her bedroom, not pausing as she pulled him straight into thebathroom and handed him a towel. As he dried himself off in the dim light fromthe bedside lamp, he watched Anushka, rubbing a towel through her short bobbedhair. It was at that length that it looked awesome if it was neat or messy. Withboth of them dry apart from the wet clothing, they paused, looking at eachother, the air thick with tension. Arpit broke it. Anushkablushed a little but smiled back at him. The two black cords dangled down at the sides of her stomach, thetop only held in place by the string around her neck.

Arpit could see themischevious grin on her face, the slight flush on her cheeks and chest and heknew his own breath was coming quicker. Throwingcaution to the wind he shrugged his hips and pushed at the shorts, droppingthem to the floor in one swift movement. Hereyes flickered back up to his face. I'll make sure you're allwarmed up. Arpit took a deep breath as he saw her breasts, niceand firm, not too full, and the phrase 'more than a handfull is a waste' poppedinto his head.

Her nipples were tight and hard from the cold water, and helonged to suck them in his mouth. One of us iswet enough already. Anushkachuckled as she saw him do a bandy-legged hop-walk as he dried himself, gettinga grin back from Arpit. Seeing how unabashed he was she quickly shed her bikinibottoms and dried herself with her towel before slipping into bed alongsidehim. Arpithad his arm out and Anushka immediately slipped into it, snuggling into him.

Cuddle into me," Anushka ordered, rolling onto her side and dragginghim to spoon in behind her. Arpitslipped his arm around her waist as his legs slid in, matching her positionunder the covers. Her butt felt cold in his lap, but it was a naked Anushkabutt. It could have been made of ice and he wouldn't have moved away.

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He tracedhis fingers in a small circle around her belly button. Therewas something incredibly intimate and comforting in the way their bodies wereconforming into each other to Arpit. He realised that both of them were makingunconscious minute adjustments, his upper leg sliding between hers, her calfresting behind his own with her foot looped under his.

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Her hand found his leftarm and she pulled it in to her body, his hand sliding between her breasts ashis right slid from her belly button to between her and the bed, wrapping hertight, her arms wrapping around his until they were as tight together as couldbe. Therewas nothing erotic about it, he realised, just an incredible intimacy as theirtwo bodies fit tightly together as if made for it. Theylay there, wrapped up in each other under the blankets.

She walked past the bar, seeing her blonde hairedroom-mate, Rajni waiting for her. Busy night, huh? Goodnight, guys," Sheadded to the security guys. Theyturned right and walked the seventy yards to the door of their apartment block. Rajni opened the door and the two of them climbed the two flights of stairsthen entered their small scummy two-bedroom apartment.

Rajnislumped down on the sofa. Rajnirolled her eyes. There was just something about him," She explained,shrugging. Even let him stick his tongue in my pussy for asecond. Night, Rajni. Sleep good. Hecould feel his breathing deepen, matching hers as his cock continued to grow,nestled between the lips of her pussy, inching forward as it became thicker andlonger in the darkness. Withoutasking he knew she was awake, lying there with her head beside his,experiencing the same exquisite physical and intimate sensations he was. Hefelt her neck stiffen as the tip of his erection glazed her clit, and hearingher exhale was a wonderous sound in his ear.

Arpit turned his head and gentlykissed her, a soft, tender brush of his lips on her jaw. Hefelt her hand grip his a little tighter as he brushed his lips a little furtheralong the line of her jaw until his breath was on the soft, sensitive skinbelow her ear. Anushkamoaned softly as he held there, breathing on her with a tender intensity.

Herhand came up, her fingers lacing themselves in his hair, softly steering hishead to kiss her once more. Arpitbrushed his lips down her neck, barely touching the skin, his lips softer thanthey'd ever been in his life, going purely on instinct as he experiencedsomething beautiful. He felt Anushka roll her hips in a luxurious caress,drawing him up and down her soft cleft, feeling her welcome on his arousal. Rehab Sexual Terror. Jane Morgan. House Call. Anita Dobs. Mister Average. Travelling Bangkok Big Beaver Diaries. Stephen Harris.

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2. Atlanta, Georgia, United States

In this passionate story of erotic love, an American man runs into a young Thai woman who teaches him that love between a man and woman. "I f*** you, okay, darling?" says the young Thai woman, suggesting she assume the dominant position and mount me. Her singsong Thai English has a.

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